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Love God. Love Words. Love Readers. With Us.


Are you ready to get unblocked with the Writers' Bloc?


We are a Christian community that exists to help frustrated and lonely writers glorify God, find their passion, & live fully in their season. 

What you'll find inside...

-Dedicated training from a wide variety of Christian writers, creatives, and industry experts. 

-Conversations that encourage and facilitate growth.

-Writer-friends! (Isn't this what community is all about?!)

-Challenges to sharpen your skills and help you grow in the art and heart of writing. 

-Workshops & masterminds 

-Loads of resources, help, encouragement, and hosts of people cheering you on!

Who is the Writer's Bloc for?

Are you a Christian writer, or desire to be a writer? This is for you.

Are you a newbie writer? This is for you.

Are you a seasoned or professional writer? This is also for you.

Do you want to love God, love words, and love your readers? Then this is definitely for you!

Enrollment is currently closed.

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The cost is only $23 per month.

Grab this FREE Workbook and get placed on the waiting list here: https://cara-ray.com/seasons-of-creativity-guided-workbook/